For Providers and Educators 

We have LOTS of resources, whether you're are a healthcare provider, an educator, or representing a community-based organization.


Educational Materials

This is where you can download our flyers, posters, watch educational videos, links to curriculum, educational games, our public presentation slide shows, links to media toolkits, check out what literature we've published or have referenced, and check out sexual health statistics for the State of Alaska.

Order Print Materials and Condoms

Please note : We do not handle orders placed outside of Alaska. We only ship to Alaska based addresses. If you would like free health materials such as condoms but live outside of Alaska, please contact your local  Planned Parenthood or visit Condom Finder for options. However, if you are interested in samples of our educational materials or if you would like to contact us regarding our programs, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us! 

iknowmine has a lot of educational print materials that we use for tabling, mail-outs, posters for clinics & schools, and even more. We provide these materials free of cost to educators, providers, and when possible to community centers and clinics. We also provide free condoms to clinics, educators, community-based organizations, tribal organizations, and other organizations needing free condoms to distribute in Alaska. Check out this section to order our print materials and condoms for free.

Ask a Question

This isn't just for personal questions. We also answer questions about Alaska resources, information, or connect you with HIV-specialist physician for medical provider consultations.