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Heard mentioned on the radio, news, or at your doctor's office? has several partnerships and campaigns with other organizations to promote healthy relationships and sexual behaviors. Read more about each campaign below.

Wrap It Up Alaska

Wrap It Up Alaska is a campaign to lower the rates of Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Syphilis in Alaska through a partnership between the State of Alaska Health and Social Services HIV/STD Program and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium HIV/STD Program. The campaign includes Alaska-themed condom designs, posters, radio ads, social media outreach, and provider outreach. The main messages is to promote conversations between current or future sexual partners about using condoms, making condom use a priority, and getting tested for STDs. To learn more about the campaign, order and download materials, and requests bulk condoms read more.

It’s routine. Get screened.

Southcentral Foundation (SCF) is partnering with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC) iknowmine to encourage everyone who is sexually active to get screened for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). According to recent data from the State of Alaska Epidemiology, Alaska has the highest rates of STDs in the nation. The iknowmine Wrap it Up campaign encourages sexually active people to use condoms for protection. The goal of the It’s routine. Get screened. campaign is for people who are sexually active get screened for STDs and to educate people about the risks involved with being sexually active.

Below are some materials for It’s routine. Get screened. if you would like to post these materials to help increase awareness of STDs.

Download all five posters

If you are sexually active we encourage you to get screened by your primary care provider. If you have questions about STDs and would like to speak with someone confidentially, please contact Southcentral Foundation STD Coordinator Heather Skelton at (907) 729-4213.

If you do not live in the Southcentral region, please go to our Get Tested section to learn more about STD testing and find a clinic in your area.

Spawn Safely

The Spawn Safely campaign with our (almost!) Alaska famous salmon icon is the ANTHC HIV/STD Program's oldest running campaign that was launch prior to the very beginnings of There's rumors in our program history that it existed even before our first online presence! The campaign materials have covered from t-shirts to totes from date night kits to lanyards. Our most well-known swag for the campaign is our ever popular "Spawn Safely" shirts. We no longer have the shirts listed on our website, but if you keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr you might be lucky enough to win one! For providers and those working in sexual health in Alaska, please contact us about Spawn Safely shirt donations.