IKM & ANDVSA Youth Wellness Ambassador

Are you an Alaskan youth aged 14-24? Are you interested in bringing positive change to our community? Would you like to join a core group of young Alaskans who encourage their peers to make positive and healthy choices? If so becoming a Youth Wellness Ambassador can give you the tools to get you started!! 

iknowmine and the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) are pairing up to launch a brand-new program for all Alaskan youth ages 14-24 to help them create positive and healthy changes in their communities.

Youth Wellness Ambassadors are awesome, motivated individuals who have a great idea or the drive to promote healthy, positive change in their communities. This could look like setting up a movie night about anti-bullying or giving out safe sex supplies to older teens in your community or hanging up healthy messaging posters in your local clinic.

Ambassadors must be residents of Alaska between the ages of 14-24.

Those under 18 must have parental permission.

All applicants must have a letter of support from an adult sponsor. An adult sponsor is an adult in your community (parent, teacher, health aide, family, coach, tribal council member, and more!) who supports you in the program and wanting to make your community a better place to live.

Time Commitment & Expectations

The time committed is up to the youth. What we expect of our ambassadors is to plan an activity or event that brings awareness or promotes healthy change in their community around an issue. We expect that most youth will spend a total of 30-60 hours from start to finish over the timeline that they will plan with us.

Some youth may choose to host a movie night about bullying or other may choose to talk to their friends and peers about the importance of making healthy decisions around sex or others may decide to make posters about a health topic to post in their community. All ambassadors will be given support in their activity or event and assistance in completing their chosen project. We will be keeping contact with all our ambassadors regularly through phone or email. Finally, we will provide informational materials to distribute during their activity or event, along with a camera to document their time as an ambassador.

After they have completed whatever they have decided to do, we ask all out ambassadors to write up a small piece about their experience for iknowmine.org tumblr to be promoted on the front page of iknowmine.org. The youth may choose to use an alias or their first name for the piece.

Apply Now!

Deadline to apply is February 28th, 2013. Everyone will be contacted the following week to notify them if they have been chosen to be part of the very first group of IKM & ANDVSA Youth Wellness Ambassadors!

Two ways to apply!


Please contact Taija Revels (907) 729-3927 or tnrevels@anthc.org or fax (907) 729-3652 with all your questions relating to the IKM & ANDVSA Youth Wellness Ambassador program.


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School (please provide name of school & a teacher or counselor below)

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