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  • Winter 2019“Learn, preserve, and be proud of the Native way of life.” -Bristol Bay Yup’ik Value
  • Fall 2019 ~ “Remember what you are taught and told.” – Cup’ik Cultural Value
  • August 2019 ~ Yeti hnu bugh yagheli est tsedi. “Whatever you do in life I hope you succeed in good health.” – Dena’ina Blessing
  • July 2019 ~ “Respect for Nature” -Traditional Iñupiaq Value
  • June 2019 ~ “Live in Peace and Harmony.” -Southeast Traditional Tribal Value
  • May 2019 ~ “Live in Peace and Harmony.” -Southeast Traditional Tribal Value
  • April 2019 ~ “Have Patience: Some Things Cannot Be Rushed.” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • March 2019 ~ “Honor Your Elders – They Show You the Way in Life.” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • February 2019 ~ “Peace with the family, peace with the neighbors, peace with the others, and peace with the world of Nature.” -Traditional Tlingit Value
  • January 2019 ~ “Live like you want people to see you live.” -Traditional Value of the Unangan/Unangas
  • December 2018 ~ “Live Carefully – What You Do Will Come Back to You.” -Universal Alaska Native Cultural Value
  • November 2018 ~ “Sharing and Caring.” -Traditional Athabascan Value