Wrap It Up Alaska


iknowmine and the State of Alaska are entering a relationship...

with the State of Alaska Health and Social Services HIV/STD Program, for their new campaign, Wrap It Up Alaska!

We have new condom wrapper designs to offer, posters, and more! We'll post a new design each week and make the matching poster available for download.

Are you a provider, educator, or provide services to your community and looking to order Wrap It Up Alaska materials?

Please go to our Providers page to Order Print Materials and click the Wrap It Up category.


Looking to order condoms?

Look no further, we have the new designs! Order your condoms now, and while you're at it IKM has you covered for lube, dental dams, female condoms, and non-latex condoms. Remember, most STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) can be shared between your genitals (vagina, penis, anus) and your other mucus membranes, that includes your mouth and nose. Always use dental dams or a condom when having oral sex with your partner.



Have no clue what STDs are? Think chlamydia is a type of flower? Don't worry, we got you. Go and check out our comprehensive page about sexually transmitted diseases. There you can learn what they are, signs of infection, treatment options, and more. On top of that, you can always order a free at-home STD test from us or find a clinic to get tested.


You still didn't answer my question!

We try the best we can to have as much information on ikm as possible but we know we missed things. That's okay though! Why? Because we have a question and answer service AND a texting line. So you have ask all your sexual health questions whenever you want, how you want, and be comfortable!


Want to download the campaign materials?

Go here to get all the high-resolution files you could need and check out what materials we have from t-shirts to condoms!

Have questions or comments?

Please contact us today!


Media Contact:

Fiona Brosnan, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Marketing and Communications Director | media@anthc.org | (907) 729-1967