Adolescent Sexual Health Toolkit

The toolkit is an informational guide for providers on the essentials of communicating with adolescent patients about their sexual health and development. It provides talking points and frameworks to assist in an efficient and accurate sexual health history as well as discusses the importance of cultural sensitivity.

View the accompanying video training for more information and guidance on implementation.

Available digitally only.

This toolkit is part of an evidence-based practice improvement project. The project requires data to evaluate success and impact of the toolkit. After careful review and consideration, or actual use in practice, we invite you to complete a 10-15 minute survey to aid in future improvements of the information embedded. We recommend 2-4 weeks of toolkit review prior to survey completion. Your participation and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Survey full link:

For any questions, comments, or concerns about the toolkit and accompanying evaluation survey, please contact: Anna M. Royek, RN, BSN // Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Doctoral Student //