Harm Reduction Kit


The Harm Reduction kits are made available to lower the risk of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) by providing clean drug use products.

Limit of 1 per order.

Out of stock

Please watch the Harm Reduction Kit video to get an overview of what's included in the kit. However, the products we have in stock may vary from the product image and video. If you have any questions, please contact IKM staff at store@iknowmine.org.

Harm Reduction Kit Supplies

Injection bag supplies
Generic syringes - 10
One-Use cookers - 10
One-Use filters - 10
Accessory bag supplies
Vitamin C packets - out of stock
Vitamin C informational card
Chlorine tablets - 10
Alcohol wipes - 10
Fentanyl testing strips - 10
Fentanyl testing instructional card,
Sterile water - 10
FitPack (syringe storage container)
-Can hold up to 10 syringes that are 1ml.
-It has a patented syringe disposal flap that allows the storage of both used and new ml syringes.
Safer sex kit (condoms/lube)
Cleaning works booklet
Safer injecting information
STI 101 brochure
Hep C info card
HIV info card

Please note that supplies are limited and all products may not be available.