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HIV Treatment

How is HIV/AIDS treated?

HIV is treated with a combination of different drugs which, when taken together at the same time every day without missing doses, work to keep the virus quiet so the immune system can stay strong. Following your doctor’s treatment plan is extremely important. Your health care provider may also tell you to eat healthy foods, exercise, and lower stress in your life. All these factors combined with proper medication work together to keep you healthy and feeling good.

Right now, there is no cure for HIV infection or AIDS. It is a chronic illness and the virus stays in your body for your lifetime. However, with the advancement of science and technology there are very great treatment options.

What happens if I don’t get treated?

Untreated HIV infections can result in AIDS. If the development of AIDS occurs it can cause seizures, confusion, diarrhea, fever, vision and weight loss, nausea, abdominal cramps, headaches, coma, and even death. 

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