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I Want the Kit

Order a free at-home STD testing kit here. Alaska mailing addresses only.

Frequently asked questions and information about I Want The Kit (IWTK), the at-home STD kit.

What is the at-home testing service?

This service offers free chlamydia and gonorrhea testing to Alaskans 14 years old and older. They are the most common treatable STDs.

What do I need to do?

  • Create a log-in at
  • Order either a vaginal, penile and/or rectal test kit.
  • When you receive the kit:
  • Collect a sample(s) using the provided instructions and materials for self-collection.
  • Complete the provided contact form for follow up.
  • Mail everything in the postage-paid envelope (provided).
  • Check online for your test results or call the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium HIV/STD Clinical Services (877-334-8762).
  • Get treated with antibiotics if you test positive for one or more of the following STDs: Chlamydia and gonorrhea.

How do I get my test result?

You will receive an email or text notification from IWTK when your results are ready. Log back into the website using the username and password chosen when you created your account to see them. You can get your results in one to two weeks by calling 877-334-8762. On the contact form, you can choose how you would like to be contacted: regular phone call, cell phone call, or email.

What happens if my test result is negative?

If you are negative we may not contact you with your results, but you are encouraged to call us to ask for your results (877-334-8762).

What happens if my test result is positive?

If you test positive for one or more STDs, we will talk to you about where to go for treatment. We will try to contact you using your chosen method of contact. You can choose the clinic where you will receive treatment.

Alaska State Law says we must report all chlamydia and gonorrhea positive results to the State of Alaska Department of Public Health. We must report to the State of Alaska so that they can monitor disease in the state and make sure you and your partners have received treatment. We will collect information on your treatment to make sure all those who test positive receive treatment.

Privacy and Confidentiality Notice

To the full extent of the law, efforts will be made to take the necessary steps to protect your right to privacy and confidentiality at all times. If you are a minor (under 18) you have the right to “give consent for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of pregnancy, and for diagnosis and treatment of venereal disease [sexually transmitted disease]” (AS25.20.025 (a) (4)). You can decide to involve your parent or guardian in your reproductive healthcare. Test results will not be placed in your medical records unless you expressly request it. If you receive treatment for a positive test result it is up to you to discuss treatment confidentiality with your healthcare provider.

The Alaska-based IWTK service is made possible through a partnership between the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Johns Hopkins University. This service is funded by the Indian Health Service. It is intended for individual use and not for use through health care providers.

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