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Hello! Camai! Wáa sá iyatée!


The Alaska Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) HIV/STD Prevention Program established to provide Alaska Native and rural Alaska youth holistic health education and additional resources to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The website distributes educational materials and resources, condoms, harm reduction kits, HIV self-testing kits, naloxone kits and safe medication disposal supplies and offers the I Want the Kit STI self-testing through a partnership with Johns Hopkins University.

The goal of the ANTHC HIV/STD Prevention Program is to create and disseminate materials, programs and other resources and to provide capacity and technical assistance to promote health and wellness. In our work, we recognize the intersection of the root causes of many health disparities, such historical and intergenerational trauma.

We also believe community involvement is integral to achieving wellness. ANTHC HIV/STD Prevention Program has many long-standing partnerships and continuously looks to connect with new partners aligned with our goals and values to better serve Alaska Native youth and those who support them.

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  • March: “Never give up in trying to do what you set your mind on.” ~ Cup’ik Cultural Value
  • June: “Accept What Life Brings – You Cannot Control Many Things” – Universal Alaska Native Value
  • May: “Txin ugutada. E / Qa]atada. W/ Be Happy” – Unangax (Aleut) Value
  • April: “Indigenous peoples — we are leading. We need people to come to us because they know we have the answers, not because they think we have all the problems.” – Abigail Echo-Hawk
  • March: “Our people: we are responsible for each other and ourselves” – Kodiak Sugpiaq Cultural Value
  • February: “Sharing: we welcome everyone” – Sugpiaq/Alutiiq Value
  • January: “Village Cooperation and Responsibility to Village” – Dene/Athabascan Value
  • December 2022: “Share what you have – Giving Makes You Richer” – Universal Alaska Native Value
  • November 2022: “Share what you have – Giving Makes You Richer” – Universal Alaska Native Value
  • September 2022: “We as a people are part of the force of nature” – Nyché Tyme Andrew
  • August 2022: “Learn by doing, observing and listening” – Alutiiq cultural value
  • July 2022: “Pingnaquureluten taqeksaunang. Never give up in doing what you set your mind on.”Yup’ik/Cup’ik Value
  • July 2022: Special edition announcing availability of the Adolescent Sexual Health Toolkit
  • June 2022: “When we can heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, and our children.“– Dr. Rita Blumenstein
  • May 2022:Our people: We are responsible for ourselves and others.– Traditional Alaska Native Value
  • April 2022: “Know Who You Are – You Are a Reflection on Your Family” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • March 2022: “An}a}iisiin siga{ imis aku{ mal sigaan inixsiisada. Life is gifted to you. What you make of it is your gift in return.” – Unanagan/Unangas Value
  • February 2022: “Take care of others – You cannot live without them.” – Universal Alaska Native Value
  • January 2022: “…Speak your intent to help us overcome discrimination.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich
  • December 2021: “Our people: We are responsible for ourselves and others.– Traditional Alaska Native Value
  • November 2021: “Our People: We are responsible for ourselves and others” -Traditional Sugpiaq/Alutiiq Value
  • October 2021: “Respect For Land.” -Yup’ik Value
  • September 2021: “Show Respect to Others – Each Person Has a Special Gift” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • August 2021: “I{taqangin lulalix matalix an}a}iingin matakun / Hi{tanangis luulal ama matal an}a}iingin matakus/ Believe in them and keep them going through time.” – Unangan (Aleut) Value
  • July 2021: Have Patience – “Some Things Cannot Be Rushed” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • June 2021: “Hold Each Other Up” -Southeast Traditional Tribal Value
  • May 2021: “Help other people through compassion, love and sharing.” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • April 2021: “In order for a person to be whole, they must feed their mind, body, and spirit equally to heal themselves.” -Dr. Rita Blumenstein, Tribal Doctor
  • March 2021: “Show Respect to Others – Each Person has a Special Gift” -Alaska Native Value

Winter 2020“Learn, preserve, and be proud of the Native way of life.” -Bristol Bay Yup’ik Value

  • Fall 2019 ~ “Remember what you are taught and told.” – Cup’ik Cultural Value
  • August 2019 ~ Yeti hnu bugh yagheli est tsedi. “Whatever you do in life I hope you succeed in good health.” – Dena’ina Blessing
  • July 2019 ~ “Respect for Nature” -Traditional Iñupiaq Value
  • June 2019 ~ “Live in Peace and Harmony.” -Southeast Traditional Tribal Value
  • May 2019 ~ “Live in Peace and Harmony.” -Southeast Traditional Tribal Value
  • April 2019 ~ “Have Patience: Some Things Cannot Be Rushed.” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • March 2019 ~ “Honor Your Elders – They Show You the Way in Life.” -Universal Alaska Native Value
  • February 2019 ~ “Peace with the family, peace with the neighbors, peace with the others, and peace with the world of Nature.” -Traditional Tlingit Value
  • January 2019 ~ “Live like you want people to see you live.” -Traditional Value of the Unangan/Unangas
  • December 2018 ~ “Live Carefully – What You Do Will Come Back to You.” -Universal Alaska Native Cultural Value
  • November 2018 ~ “Sharing and Caring.” -Traditional Athabascan Value