HIV Self-Test Kit


HIV self-test kits are available for free to any mailing address in Alaska. Tests are shipped directly and discreetly to you.

The OraQuick® HIV self-test provides results in 20 minutes and uses a mouth swab to test for your body’s response to fighting the HIV virus. No blood required.

A member of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Early Intervention Services team will follow-up with you regarding your results and to ask additional funder requested questions. The information provided to the funder is non-identifiable and will help us continue offering this free service. We appreciate your participation.

Please read the product guidelines from OraQuick® and visit the their website for additional information:

  • You must be 17 or older to use this test.
  • If you’re HIV positive, or are on treatment or preventive treatment for HIV, the OraQuick® test is not meant for you.
  • If you’ve participated in an HIV vaccine clinical trial, you may get a positive result using this test, but it may not mean that you are infected with HIV. You should seek follow-up with the research group.

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Anyone in the state of Alaska who is at risk for contracting HIV, or curious about their HIV status, may order a free HIV self-test kit. Risk factors include:
  • Injection-drug use
  • People who exchange sex for money or drugs
  • Sex partners of people with HIV
  • Sexually active men who have sex with men
  • Heterosexuals who themselves or whose sex partners have had ≥1 sex partner since their most recent HIV test
  • People receiving treatment for hepatitis, tuberculosis or a sexually transmitted disease
  • People who themselves or their sex partner(s) have been diagnosed with any STIs
If you're unsure whether you should take an HIV self-test, please refer to our HIV Testing page for general testing information.