Using Narcan® Nasal Spray Informational Booklet


Title: “Using Narcan® Nasal Spray for a Known or Suspected Heroin/Opioid Overdose”

Handheld 11-page informational booklet the use of Narcan®, covering topics such as:

  • What causes an overdose?
  • How does Narcan® work?
  • What drugs Narcan® is and is not effective against
  • Myths about how to reverse an opioid overdose
  • Signs of a heroin/opioid overdose
  • What to do for an overdose
  • What to expect after administering Narcan®
  • Storing Narcan®

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  • Product dimensions: Length - 8 1/2, Width - 5 1/2
  • Pages: 11 total, front to back
  • Published/Revised date: September 2018
  • Author: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services