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Project Wangkuta Pilot Program

Letter to Parent/Guardian and Consent Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and community partners are very excited to inform you that your child will have the opportunity to participate in a health education program, called Project Wangkuta Pilot Program. This will take place at the Community Hall. Project Wangkuta is an ANTHC program. The goal of this program is to help students make better decisions about their health. This program uses Native It’s Your Game curriculum for sexual health programming. This curriculum can include a comprehensive health lesson that addresses sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, unplanned pregnancy, as well as other important issues that impact our youth today. After the program lesson is over, your child will be able to help themselves and their friends make healthy decisions.

We are completing one lesson in the curriculum. If you would like your child to complete the whole curriculum, please let a facilitator know that way we can set the curriculum up for them.

Your child’s participation in the program is voluntary. You or your child may choose not to take part. Please let me know if you agree or do not agree to allow your child to participate in the Native It’s Your Game Pilot Program.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hannah Gumlickpuk
Millie Voight
Office: (907) 729-3792

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