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Get Help – Relationships

Challenging Topic

This topic can be challenging for some, especially for people with relevant experiences. Remember to take care of yourself, and be aware of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical status. Be sure to take breaks, if needed.

If you need someone to talk to, please visit the Get Care page for resources specific to your circumstances.

Being safe, having a good support system, and reaching out for help are important. Remember you are not alone. We have resources to help you or someone you know. The following are resources for help with unhealthy and abusive relationships. Even if you don’t think you’re being abused, but would like to talk to someone about problems you’re having in your relationships, many of these resources are great to use for that. We recommend to talk to and to read more about what is a healthy relationship. We also recommend for great advice and stories from teens and twenty-somethings about relationships, sex, and sexuality.

!! Are you in immediate danger? Call 911 or your local police. If not an immediate threat, please consider calling one of the resources below, national, statewide, or regional. National and statewide lines are staffed 24/7.

Get Help

For general resources about relationships, sex, wellness and more, please do a search on the Get Answers page.

Are you in immediate danger?

Call 911 or your local police. If not in an immediate threat, please view resources on the Get Care page.