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Wan ala}um ilan ana}im an}a}inangin usuu Aguu}u{ agach ngiin a}iqaa. / Algas ama ana}im an}a}ingis huzungis Aguu}um agacha ngiin a}iqaa haqataasada.

Respect and be aware of the creator in all living things.

-Traditional Value of the Unangan/Unangax

Your spiritual self. This includes the spark of life, energy body, relationship with a higher power, connection to the world/others and world view.

At the core “Spirituality” is “Spirit,” meaning the spark of life that resides within all humans, plants, animals, and all of nature. It is part of any person regardless of culture or religion.

To ignore ones spiritual health would be the same as ignoring their physical or mental health. The primary concepts for holistic health (disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental factors) and wellness are: balance and connectivity. Spiritual health is one of the three building blocks of a human being along with the mind and the body.

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