Harm Reduction Safer Injection Kit


Limited supply available.

As of June 27, the remaining supply of Harm Reduction Kits will be prioritized to rural Alaska, where there is limited access to syringe services.

These kits are meant to provide basic harm reduction supplies to lower the risk of HIV and HCV by providing safer-injection supplies, and are intended for people who inject substances, as well as Tribal organizations and nonprofits in Alaska.

Visit the National Harm Reduction Coalition and check out their Injection Safety Manual for more information on safer-injection supplies.

Limit of one kit per order, with possible exceptions. See below for details.

In stock

The iKnowMine team will evaluate exceptions to the one-kit limit based on orders from communities with limited access to syringe services. Upon checkout, please select the option to request an exception and indicate in the order notes the requested quantity, with a maximum of five kits per order. We regret to inform iKnowMine customers that we are currently unable to replenish the safer-injection kit stock. While we seek funding to provide this resource, the future availability is undetermined. For product updates, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We encourage seeking assistance from local harm reduction service providers: The Harm Reduction Safer Injection Kit Project was supported by donors to the Healthy Alaskan Natives Foundation (HANF). Thank you for the opportunity, we are so grateful for the opportunity to have served Alaskans in this capacity.

Harm Reduction Safer Injection Kit Contents

Please watch the Harm Reduction Kit video for a visual and audio overview of what may be included in the kit. Please note that products displayed may vary and may not be available in each kit, but syringes will always be included. If you have any questions, please contact us at store@iknowmine.org. Injection bag supplies
  • Generic syringes - 10
  • One-Use cookers - 10
  • One-Use filters - 10
Accessory bag supplies
  • Tourniquet - 1
  • Alcohol wipes - 10
  • Fentanyl testing strips - 10
  • Fentanyl testing strips instructional card - 1
  • Sterile water pack - 10
Other supplies