Oral Dams for Personal Use


These are flavored, 6″ x 10″ latex oral dams (also known as dental dams). Each dam comes with one package of lube.
This product is mailed in discreet packaging, with a generic return mailing address from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.
Latex allergy? Place an order for non-latex (polyurethane) condoms instead and make an oral dam out of a condom.
Limit of 5 per order.

In stock (can be backordered)

The oral dams include instructions on correct use. Consistent and correct use of oral dams during sex can lower your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STIs) or HIV. Visit the STI Prevention page to learn more about the benefits of using oral dams. To learn more about oral dam use and how to make an oral dam from a condom, visit the CDC's How to use a dental dam page. Visit the Sexual Health section to learn more about topics like: sexually transmitted infections, HIV, birth control, how to talk with a partner and more.