PrEP Providers Guide


This guide goes over key details for providers regarding oral PrEP and injectable PrEP medications for HIV prevention. The guide also contains PrEP overview information that providers can use to review PrEP for HIV prevention with patients.

The guide includes:

  • Injectable PrEP Overview, for providers
  • Oral PrEP Overview, for providers
  • PrEP Information & Referral card, for patients
  • Oral PrEP Basics Flyer, for patients
  • PrEP Medications Overview, for providers
  • Prescribing Oral PrEP, for providers

People ordering will be asked to identify their organization during checkout to receive these materials.

1 × Injectable PrEP Provider Pocket Card
1 × Oral PrEP Provider Pocket Card
1 × Patient PrEP Information & Referral Pocket Card
1 × Oral PrEP Basics Flyer
1 × PrEP Medications Overview Card
1 × Prescribing Oral PrEP Overview Card
Need Help? Call the National PrEPline at: 855-448-7737 Item provided by the State of Alaska HIV/STD Program. Learn more about: