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Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Lesson Plan

“Gather Knowledge and Wisdom”

-Saint Lawrence Island Yup’ik Value

What is it?

The Lesson Plan is free and was developed for Alaskan youth by the ANTHC HIV/STD Prevention (home of and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs. The primary purpose of this Lesson Plan is an introduction to substance use and surrounding topics. It is meant to be a conversation starter. Youth will learn about substance use, the various kinds of substances, how to get help for themselves, and how to help others. This Lesson Plan is suitable for middle and high school aged youth. The Lesson Plan allows youth to learn from a variety of activities, including a 20 minute presentation, and self-led exploration of the IKM website. Have limited digital resources? There is an offline version for you!

Online Version: Lesson Plan Packet, Lesson Plan PowerPoint
Offline Version: Lesson Plan Packet, Lesson Plan PowerPoint

Who can use it?

Any community member interested in supporting youth can access the Lesson Plan materials to teach young people in their communities. IKM staff recommend that you can host in a school, which usually includes all supplies needed for the online version (computer and projector for 20 minute presentation, computer lab for student activities, and paper and pens/pencils to print all downloadable handouts and materials required). If supplies are limited, you can always use our “offline version” which uses substance “postcards” developed by IKM to help support the lesson.

Providing resources

Interested in hosting a Lesson? Order our substance “postcards” free of charge. All postcards come in a package. You can order one for each student you teach, and more if you’d like to make these cards available to your student body or at your local health clinic. We know that conversations around substance use can involve many sensitive topics (for example, domestic violence, mental health issues, houselessness, and more). IKM is here to help support youth around all of these topics. Feel free to browse our catalog for all other materials you think can help support youth (we recommend the relationship “safety cards”).

Do you have any other curricula for me?

Safe in the Village (SITV) is a healthy relationship and safe behaviors movie for Alaska Native youth. Learn more here.

Native It’s Your Game (Native IYG) is a web-based HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention curriculum for Alaska Native and American Indian youth ages 12-14. Learn more and access now.

Access health curricula for Native youth at

Get Help

For general resources about relationships, sex, wellness and more, please do a search on the Get Answers page.

Are you in immediate danger?

Call 911 or your local police. If not in an immediate threat, please view resources on the Get Care page.