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Prescription Opioid Misuse Prevention

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Ways to help prevent the misuse of prescription drugs

  • Don’t use another person’s medications
  • Keep an inventory of your prescriptions.
  • Follow directions on all prescribed medication.
  • Don’t share prescriptions!
  • Properly discard any and all unused medications.

When prescribed by a provider and taken properly, opioids can help us heal. Keeping medications securely stored and properly disposed of after use are the best ways to prevent dependency, addiction, overdose, accidental poisoning, and death.

Safe Medicine Storage includes:

  • Keeping medications in original containers, which should have a label with name of person prescribed, medication name, instructions for use, and expiration date.
  • Keeping medication out of reach of children, and if necessary in locked boxes
  • Keeping refrigerated medication separate from food

Safe Medicine Disposal includes:

  • Neutralizing medicine using Deterra® drug deactivation bags or buckets
  • Returning unused medications to your local pharmacy
  • Medication mail back programs

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